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Since its first appearance in the Eighteenth Century, Traditional Eau de Cologne has had a reputation for being both medicinal and spiritual.


Unlike other perfumes, Eau de Cologne (EDC) is not meant to be a long-lasting scent. True EDC lasts but a matter of minutes, is largely citrus-based, and has a fresh and uplifting scent. Its reputation as a purification, blessing, and bringer of good fortune is legendary.

In modern practice, EDC offers a method of purification and blessing that is simple to employ, effective and is especially effective when incense smoke is not appropriate. However, if scents are not good for you, then you will need to employ a completely scent-free method of blessing and purification.  

Like verbena, EDC can be used like smudging. For an excellent overall blessing, 2 sprays of EDC and 1 spray of van-van works wonders.

We recommend brands we understand to be cruelty free.


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