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Angel & Planetary Perfumes

In my rituals, I like to use high-quality single note perfumes formulated by professional perfumers.


I don't care for my magical perfumes to smell like a spa, or an occult shop. 

I prefer to use alcohol-based spray perfumes because they are easy to employ. They also serve the function of being able to replace incense which is extremely helpful when I need to work magic in environments where burning incense or smudging is not appropriate or possible.

Another reason I like to use these perfumes is because they smell gorgeous. I prefer them to most of the occult blends I've tried.

Also, no one will ever question your having a bottle of perfume around. There are no strange labels that you may have to explain, so if being discreet is important, this system is a life changer.

These perfumes are not intended to replace sacred anointing oil. Anointing oil is not necessarily scented. It is a high quality oil (such as olive oil) that has been blessed.