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  • Handmade
  • Materials: craft, vitage tarot, vitage

  •   Classic Tarot de Marseille in vintage style

    Keep in mind that these cards are darker than standard deck.

    Are you looking for a new tarot deck, or perhaps a really special gift?
    Tarot de Marseille vintage tarot deck will be a unique addition to your collection and a valued treasure for any recipient.

    This is a beautiful interpretation of the Marseille tarot deck with a dark, rich, antique feel.
    The tarot card stock is sturdy, feels good in the hand, and shuffles nicely.
    The cards look like they were drawn a hundred years ago.
    This aged effect adds a mysterious, ancient feel to the deck
    All our decks are made to order, so your cards will be perfectly tailored for you.

    These tarot cards look truly amazing and have magical energy.
    The craft cardboard cards are made of premium cardstock.
    This ensures that your made-to-order tarot deck will have the look and feel of vintage tarot cards.
    A fan favorite, these tarot cards are specifically designed to look ancient and traditional, but they also harness the power of today’s technology for longevity.
    If you like vintage style, then you will definitely love this deck.

    I sell my cards only in my Etsy store, so if you see my cards or my photos somewhere else, do not buy there, they are scammers.

    This is not a Chinese copy without a soul. This is a powerful magical artifact, and you will feel that magic when you place the deck in your hand.

    You can also buy a wooden box, velvet bag, and tarot cloth.

    If you buy the wooden box i will give you a bag as a gift ^^
    Hurry up, because a few free bags are left.

    This tarot set is a great gift.
    If you are looking for a tarot deck for a gift, this is really the perfect choice.
    We wrap all our orders with craft paper so you do not need to buy a gift box.

    -78 Tarot cards made from premium craft cardboard
    2,75 x 4,72 inc / 7x12sm
    -One guide book 34 pages
    (For more information you can use YouTube.
    "How to read the Rider Waite tarot deck ")
    -Cardboard box

    Wooden box:
    -Made of OAK
    5x3,5x2 inc / 13,6x9,2x5sm

    Velvet Bag:
    -Soft and very durable
    7,8x5,9 inc / 20x15sm

    Welcome to my store

    Processing time & Shipping
    As I said, all of our tarot cards are made to order, so we need time to make it .
    It usually takes 6-12 business days
    All orders in the USA, UK and Japan are shipped from my home in Florida using UPS standard mail
    Orders from all over the world are made and ship by my partner Margot in Europe. She uses the same technology and the same cardboard. Our cards are the same. Margot uses UPS express , so it takes 4-7 business days to ship worldwide.ide.

    Tarot deck Tarot de Marseille Vintage Gift Set Tarot cards Professional Craft C

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