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  •   Viéville tarot: Reproduction of one of the earliest surviving tarot decks. It is much larger than the Noblet tarot.
    The only known copy is preserved in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, and dated circa 1650.
    Although closely related to the “tarot de Marseille” class of cards, it has many interesting differences (see photos).
    * 78 cards: 22 trump + 56 minors (staves, cups, coins, and swords)
    * Size: 2.75"x4.75" (70×120mm)
    * Card stock: Thick card stock (350 gsm) is durable, but still flexible and easy to shuffle and handle.
    * Comes with 2-piece rigid box consisting of base and lid.
    * NOTE: Like the original cards, we have left the corners square, but will optionally round them for you if desired.

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    Trump card names are printed on the 2 of cups and ace of coins:
    0. Ma (Madman or beggar)
    1. Baga (The Juggler)
    2. La Papesse (The Popess)
    3. l'inperatryce (The Empress)
    4. l'anpereur (The Emperor)
    5. le pape (The Pope)
    6. Amoureux (The Lovers)
    7. yustice (Justice -- compare Noblet #8)
    8. prins quy soit trannay (The Prince who is being pulled -- compare Noblet #7, the Chariot)
    9. a force (Force -- compare Noblet #11)
    10. [rota] (The Wheel)
    11. vielart (The Old Man/Hermit -- compare Noblet #9)
    12. Pendue (The Hanged Man)
    13. [mort] (Death)
    14. ceste dame (The Chaste Woman)
    15. au dyable (To the Devil)
    16. la foudre (Lightning)
    17. L'esetoilles (The Stars)
    18. La lune (The Moon)
    19. le soleil (The Sun)
    20. son de trompe (Sound the Trumpet)
    21. Le monde depar (Depart the World)

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    Tarot Viéville: Reproduction of deck dated circa 1650

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