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  •   Here is a new tarot deck based on the Marseilles Tarot of Nicolas Conver, circa 1760, reimagined with new depth, color and texture. After collecting tarot for more than 40 years I started developing my own decks, and this is my second, a Marseilles deck inspired by the beautiful artwork of Nicholas Conver. His work was much affected by the printing processes of his time, and I sought to break the bounds of his technology, by using modern technology.

    You may see the origins of the deck and all 78 cards on my website here:

    An artist, a lawyer, a tarot collector, I am disabled and work entirely from my bed with the help of technology, my wonderful friends, and my two tiny Chinese Crested dogs. I am also selling most of my nearly 2000 vintage and rare tarots here on Etsy and in my tarot store online at

    Blessed Be.

    The Stone Marseilles Tarot (2019) - Limited Edition of 450 Numbered Decks - 78

    SKU: 1030937690
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