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Night Sky
Here are links to our favorite artists who make Witch's Rosaries to the specifications of the tradition taught in my booklet, "How To Work The Witch's Rosary"
In order to work the Witch's Rosary in our tradition, it is important to have the correct bead configuration.  

A Witch's Rosary has five "decades" of beads.  A Decade consists simply of one Large bead followed by ten small beads. A Witch's rosary can be either a string of beads, or a circle of beads.

Most Witch's Rosaries have some sort of charm or tassel on the end of the Rosary. This can be a symbol of the Goddess, a Celtic Knot, A Pentagram, or anything else you desire.

Each of the Large beads represents the God, or masculine principle.  Each of the small beads represents the Goddess, or feminine principle.

There are several artists who craft Rosaries to our specifications. You will find links resources below, to purchase your own Witch's Rosary!

Remember to download my free booklet on the Witch's Rosary

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