Flower Waters

flower water.png

Flower waters, or hydrosols, are made by distilling a plant material. Sometimes these waters are the leftover water of an essential oil distillation after the oil has been separated from the condensed steam.  Other times, they are the direct product of their own distillation, and no separated essential oil has been produced.

The use of flower waters in magic goes back to the beginning of the science of distillation. These lovely-smelling waters can be used in a variety of spells. 

They can be used in place of perfumes. In a spray bottle if the mist is fine enough, a flower water is considered a "creature of air," and can therefore be a legitimate substitute for incense should you need it.

Magical Correspondences of Flower Waters

These following are not "official" correspondences. They are just the waters I use.

When two flower waters are listed, you can use one or the other, or a combination of the two.

The waters that tend to be all-purpose are Lemongrass, Verbena, Lavender, and Rose. If you have one of those waters you can use it as a substitute for any other water if necessary.


  • Michael/Sun-- Orange Flower (Success, Protection, Spiritual assistance)

  • Gabriel/Moon -- Jasmine/Ylang (Magnetism, Home, Magic)

  • Samael/Mars -- Rose Geranium (Energy, Protection, Sex)

  • Raphael/Mercury -- Lavender/chamomile (Learning, communication)

  • Sachiel/Jupiter -- Blue Tansy/Lavender (Grace, legal help, financial growth)

  • Anael/Venus -- Rose (Love, friendship, beauty, art, creativity)

  • Cassiel/Saturn -- Lemongrass/Ylang (Karma, responsibility, debt)

  • Uriel -- Lemongrass/Verbena (Magical science, miracles, sudden drastic change)