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Writing Tools

The magic of the written word is nothing new. Mages have been writing and inscribing divine names and personal intentions since writing began.

We often incorporate the use of color magic in our talismans. This can easily be accomplished by using colored paper and/or colored ink, pencil, crayon, paint or chalk.

You can always use the basic talisman with nothing but a plain pencil and piece of white paper and get maximal results.

Moving forward in your magic, you may like to deepen your practice by utilizing all the different aspects of color and number in your magical writings.

Planetary Colors:

Sun: Orange or Gold
Moon: White or grey/silver
Mars: Red or scarlet
Wednesday: Yellow or silver
Jupiter: Blue or Purple
Venus: Green or pink
Saturn: Black or brown

Incorporate magical perfumes in your writing by spraying your talismans with perfumes that correspond to the planet, angel or intent involved and then burning a candle over them of an appropriate color.

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