Magical Florals

I discovered that using a spray perfume fills the function of ritual incense, the spray being a so-called "creature of air."  The perfume also negates the need for a specialized oil blend.

Through the years I've condensed all the hundreds of "purpose" oils and incenses I used to use into less than a dozen single-note floral spray perfumes.

The price points of fine fragrance are a bit higher than most occult oils, but I find that I actually spend less money. Quality perfume last a long time and goes a long way.

Store your perfumes in a cool, dark place (always away from heat and light) and they will last almost indefinitely.

Click on the collections below and see hints and spells for these great tools of magic.


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Lily of the Valley



orange blossom.png

Orange Blossom



Honeysuckle Perfumes

Several different magical purposes are attributed to honeysuckle perfume!

For a business that depends on foot traffic, spray this in the doorway upon opening each day as you visualize customers flooding the doorway to enter your establishment.

Spray cash registers with honeysuckle for spells for increased business.

Spray a small cloud of Honeysuckle and walk through it as you ask for guidance and enhanced intuition.

For a potent charm, draw a circle on a piece of paper. Inside, sign your name along with the words "Peace, Health, Wealth." Spray this charm three times with honeysuckle perfume and hide it in your home or office. Recharge it with three sprays of honeysuckle once per month, preferably just a few days after the new moon.


Jasmine Perfumes​

Jasmine is said to attract good spirits and energy when worn as a personal scent.

The number nine is associated with Jasmine.  For a potent spell to bring a new love to you, take nine strands of your own hair, and place them in a dish. Spray them nine times with Jasmine. With each spray, chant "Come to me, I call to you, my lover mine, my lover true." 

Did you know Jasmine is a scent that the deep mind connects to magnetism?  It's true. Try it and see.  You can use magnetism for many things. 

Lavender Perfumes

Lavender is considered an "all-purpose" magical scent. Similar to Van Van, lavender can be used to purify as well as to be a stand-in for any perfume you don't have access to.

If you need to quell the tendency to over-spend, use Lavender as a personal scent daily as you remind yourself "Money is constantly circulating in my life, and there is always a divine surplus" 

If someone is trying to slander or discredit you, write their name on a piece of paper and spray it eight times with lavender stating, "Only the truth prevails here." Burn a yellow candle over the paper until it has burned down and out by itself.  Then either tear up and throw away the paper or burn it as you prefer.

Note: never leave a candle burning unattended, extinguish it and then relight it when you return again.


Lilac Perfumes​

Lilac is said to be a scent that helps with spells of memory. Spray the back of your neck with Lilac and state, "I remember all things I need to know exactly when I need to know them."

Wear lilac when you desire luck in games of chance

If you have an insurmountable problem before you, draw a circle on a piece of paper. Sign your name in the circle along with the words "Peace-Resolution-Freedom". Spray it four times with lilac perfume. Hold the paper between your two palms. Relax and ponder the situation and say, "The perfect solution comes now." Allow yourself to be guided out of the difficulty. Hide the talisman in your home until the problem Is resolved and then tear up the talisman.


Lily of the Valley Perfumes

If you practice magic, lay your magical tools upon your altar on the new moon. Sprinkle a pinch of salt over them, along with three sprays of lily of the valley perfume. Cover them with a white cloth or sheet and leave them alone for 24 hours. This keeps your tools keyed to you.

Spray lilac perfume on the back of the neck for protection and for peace.

Spray any important documents lightly with lily of the valley perfume stating, "Infinite Intelligence watches over all my interests."


Linden Perfumes

A potent healing spell is performed by spraying three sprays of linden perfume into a small bowl of water along with a pinch of salt. 

Dip a cloth into the mixture and wash: Crown of head, Forehead, Throat, Back of neck, Heart, Shoulders, Solar Plexus, Navel, Groin, Hands, and Feet.


Then pray Psalm 146. Make sure you use the Psalm Magic Formula 


Orange Blossom Perfumes

Both Orange blossom and its sister neroli are scents of weddings and marriage.  They are potent perfumes when used in spells to bring about marriage.

Worn on a wedding day, this perfume is said to enhance the blessing of the union. Scents are powerful tools to imbed thoughts in our deep minds. Bless your marriage with scent as well as thought.

This scent can also help in spells for marriages that are having trouble.


To bring healing into your relationship, write both of your names on a piece of paper and encircle them in a heart. Under your names write, "peace-love-forgiveness" Spray the paper six times with orange blossom perfume. Hide it in your home, and wear this perfume daily until the relationship has healed.

Destroy the paper once the relationship is back on track.


Rose Perfumes

Rose is a very well-known love perfume, but rose perfume can be used for so many things. It's another multi-purpose scent. 

Spray it on all love talismans and charms.

For blessing a home, on the night of the new moon take a couple of handfuls of rose petals, either fresh or dried, and place them in a dish with an airtight cover (or use cling film).

Spray the petals with nine sprays of rose perfume. Cover them tightly and let them sit for three days.

Then sprinkle them discretely about your home as you chant the 23rd Psalm. Do this monthly and peace and prosperity will surely dwell with you always.

To bring an upgrade in any area of your life, draw a circle on a piece of paper. Inside the circle, draw a heart. Inside the heart, sign your name. Underneath your name (still inside the heart), draw a plus sign. Spray this paper 3 times with rose perfume.

Place this talisman on a sturdy table. Knock Seven times directly on the talisman.

On top of this talisman, burn a candle of a color appropriate to your desired upgrade:

White: spiritual objectives and protection
Pink or red: love and affection
Green: Finances

Purple: Career/work in the world
Yellow: Learning, communication
Orange: Success and attraction
Blue: Healing, peace

Never leave a candle burning unattended!

Keep the talisman hidden until your desire comes to pass, then destroy it.