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Several different magical purposes are attributed to honeysuckle perfume!​

For a business that depends on foot traffic, spray this in the doorway upon opening each day as you visualize customers flooding the doorway to enter your establishment.

Spray cash registers with honeysuckle for spells for increased business.

Spray a small cloud of Honeysuckle and walk through it as you ask for guidance and enhanced intuition.

For a potent charm, draw a circle on a piece of paper. Inside, sign your name along with the words "Peace, Health, Wealth." Spray this charm three times with honeysuckle perfume and hide it in your home or office. Recharge it with three sprays of honeysuckle once per month, preferably just a few days after the new moon.

Magical Florals

I discovered that using a spray perfume fills the function of ritual incense, the spray being a so-called "creature of air."  The perfume also negates the need for a specialized oil blend.

Through the years I've condensed all the hundreds of "purpose" oils and incenses I used to use into less than a dozen single-note floral spray perfumes.

The price points of fine fragrance are a bit higher than most occult oils, but I find that I actually spend less money. Quality perfume lasts a long time and goes a long way.

Store your perfumes in a cool, dark place (always away from heat and light) and they will last almost indefinitely.

Click on the collections below and see hints and spells for these great tools of magic.


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Most of the smaller perfume houses are cruelty free, and don't test on animals. Avoid most major department store brands if you are trying to be cruelty free with your perfumes.

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