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Here are some single-note floral perfumes that I have used in my personal angel magic practice for many years.

Click on any collection to find a handy list of correspondences you can use in your own angel magic practice (desktop version only).

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Sun (Michael)

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Moon (Gabriel)

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Mars (Samael)

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Mercury (Raphael)

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Jupiter (Sachiel)


Venus (Anael)

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Saturn (Cassiel)

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Uranus (Uriel)

Perfumes for the Sun and Michael

Day: Sunday

Hours: Noon to 1:00 PM; 8 PM to 9 PM; 4 AM to 5 AM  (don’t use Saturday for Michael)

Flowers: Sunflower, Marigold, Peony, Heliotrope and Orange-blossom. Herbs: Angelica, the Greater Celandine, Camomile, Rosemary, Thyme, Juniper, Trees: Bay, Ash, Birch, Laurel, and Orange-Tree.
Incenses: Frankincense, cinnamon, clove
Fruit: Orange.
Animals: Lions and all cats, including the domestic cat.
Bird: Hawk.
Insect: Daddy Long-legs.

Metal: Gold.

Jewel: Diamond.

Colors: Orange, Gold

Perfume: Orange blossom, Sandalwood


All matters of ambition, personal success or attainment. Anything to do with Government affairs, or with Kings or Princes. Ask his help in all matters to do with music - playing or the composition of music. He rules anything that is made of gold including a wedding-ring which is a golden circle, resembling the Sun's disc. He is present on a wedding-day and on a Golden Wedding day. Bridal Orange Blossom is sacred to the Angel Michael. In matters of health ask his aid for any ailment of the spine or heart, these being the particular regions he rules.

Material achievements and all matters of worldly ambition. He gets you favors of people in power, and matters connected with government and officials. He aids the body's physical development, and also rules all matters of music. 


Perfumes for the Moon and Gabriel


Day: Monday

Hours: 1 PM to 2 PM; 9 PM to 10 PM; 5 AM to 6 AM (don’t use Tuesday or Saturday for Gabriel)
Flowers: All white flowers, Night-scented Stock, Honesty.
Herbs: Chamomile, Wintergreen, Lotus, Poppy.
Trees: Weeping Willow, Alder, Hazel.
Incenses: Jasmine, Mimosa, Myrrh.
Fruits: Melons, Lichees, Pears.
Animals: Dogs ... they bay at the Moon. Crabs and all shellfish.
Birds: Owl, Crane, Stork.
Insects: Spiders. Moths, especially large night moths.
Small "money spiders" are also claimed by the Angel Sachiel, but the Archangel Gabriel certainly rules the larger house and garden spiders.
Metal: Silver.
Jewels: Pearl, Mother -of-Pearl, Moonstone.
Colors: Silver and white.
Perfume: Jasmine 


Ebb and flow of fortune. Increase of all things. Physical and domestic affairs of women. Matters of the home. Carries the force of all magical rituals. Guards you on long journeys and during travel by sea. Rules also conception and childbirth.


Stimulates imagination and natural clairvoyance. Health matters of all kinds having to do with functions of the female body. For ailments of the breasts, stomach, and ailments caused by childbirth. For sterility in woman, for dropsy in both sexes, and to cure warts (both sexes).


For all matters of the home and domestic equipment. For help and to safeguard you in journeys by land and sea. To guard you from seasickness and airsickness. For all indigestion and stomach complaints. To make fertile and to increase anything at all (save money or love affairs) and to look after the affairs of women generally, apart from those matters.

Perfumes for Mars and Samael

Day: Tuesday
Hours: 2 PM to 3 PM; 10 PM to 11 PM; 6 AM to 7 AM
(don’t use Monday or Saturday for Samael)
Flowers: Wild Rose, Anemone, Gorse, Thistle, nettle, Nasturtium, Myrtle.
Herbs: Basil, pepper, tarragon, garlic.
Trees: Horse Chestnut, Monkey Puzzle., Cypress, Holly, Pine. All Pepper trees.
Incenses: Dragon's blood, ginger, thyme.
Fruit: Passion Fruit.
Animals: Ram and Sheep, horse.
Birds: Falcon.
Insects: Scorpion and all stinging insects except bees.
Metals: Iron and Steel.
Jewel: Ruby.
Colours: Scarlet and all bright reds.
Perfumes: Orchid and Honeysuckle.


Gives physical courage, makes the subject strong and able to recover from all ills. Gives bravery, and manual dexterity. Rules everything to do with machinery. Gives his subjects the ability to try again and again until success comes, and protects against death in war, by fire or by violence. He overcomes your enemies for you, being the great Protective Angel. Though people are apt to regard Mars as a 'bad' planet in astrology, he, like Saturn and Uranus, has his beneficial side, which he shows mainly to those he rules. When your Moon is in one of the signs ruled by Mars, he can and will help you out of your troubles, even if you have Mars afflicted in your horoscope. This Angel loves to be asked to fight for you! 

To recover physical strength after illness. To overcome enemies and help you fight the battles of life. To give you physical courage. To help those in the armed forces, especially soldiers. To help you get the right kind of machinery that you might need and secure a good bargain. In health matters he can be invoked for any ailment of the right arm, severe headaches, or to help in operations, etc, where he guides the surgeon's hands and restores health quickly afterwards. He helps to heal all rashes and infection, and any ailments which cause eruptive spots. He safeguards you against risk of accident from any kind of machinery. 


Perfumes for Mercury and Raphael

Day: Wednesday

Hours: 3  PM to 4 PM; 11 PM to Midnight; 7 AM to 8 AM (Can use any day)
Flowers: All bright yellow flowers, especially yellow leaved or flowering bushes. Ferns and bracken. Weeds.
Herbs: Fennel, Dill, Parsley, Valerian. Trees: Ash, Hazel, Aspen and Silver Birch. Incenses: Lavender, Lemongrass, Mace. Fruit: Lemon.
Animals: Monkeys.
Birds: Magpie, Swallow, Raven, Ibis.
Insects: All non-stinging flies.
Metal: Quicksilver or Mercury. Either real or artificial Silver may be used.
Jewels: Agate or pale yellow
Topaz. Colour: Bright Yellow.
Perfumes: Lily-of-the-Valley, Lavender


Heals physical ills, rules the brain, and gives mental ability and gifted speech and writing. Called the 'Winged Messenger of the Gods' because he takes prayers from one Angel to another. When you don't know which Angels to invoke, for any matter, then invoke the Angel Raphael, who will take your request to the right source. He rules all matters to do with trade, contracts, examinations, letters and documents. He is favourably disposed to all, and helps everybody.

Raphael brightens up you mind, and aids concentration. Helps you write effective and telling letters. Inspires you. Aids all lung and chest complaints and ailments of the left arm or hand. Can be asked for help in any matters of business, trade or finding employment, or to change your job.


He makes all things work speedily, and can be invoked to speed up any matters that are delayed. Helps your health generally, and looks after the health and affairs of children, birds, and all small quick moving animals, except dogs and cats which have a different Angelic rulership as you now know.


He concerns himself more with wild animals than domestic ones, and of these the smaller varieties. He helps to recover things that have been lost, to capture thieves, and to protect you from theft generally.

Perfumes for Jupiter and Sachiel

Day: Thursday

Hours: 4 PM to 5 PM; Midnight to 1 AM; 8 AM to 9 AM (don’t use Saturday for Sachiel)
Flowers: Purple lilac, all purple flowers.
Herbs: Sage, mistletoe, hyssop, coltsfoot, Borage, Cinquefoil. Trees: Royal Oak, Beech, Poplar.
Incenses: Sandalwood, Cedar, Sage, Agrimony.
Fruits: Grape, olive.
Animals: Elephants, whales, all fish.
Birds: Eagle.
Insects: Queen Bee and all Bees.
Also all coined money.
Metal: Tin. Silver may also be used.
Jewel: Amethyst.
Colours: Violet and purple.
Perfume: Lilac


All money matters, social prestige and expansion. All legal affairs, lawyers and judges. Rules powerful and influential friends or business acquaintances, and all games of chance, lotteries, competitions, etc where money is involved. The Angel Sachiel helps in all financial matters.

The Angel Sachiel's private sign, the Part of Fortune, represents expansion of all good things and increased gain (money). That is why it appears on so many money talismans, which are ruled by the Angel Sachiel and his planet, Jupiter.

Perfumes for Venus and Anael

Day: Friday

Hours: 5 PM to 6 PM; 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM; 9 AM to 10 AM (don’t use Saturday for Anael)
Flowers: Rose, Delphinium.
aIncenses: Rose, Geranium, Vervain.
Fruit: Apple, persimmon.
Animals: Rabbit. Domestic Pets.
Birds: Doves, Lovebirds, Blue tits.
Insects: Caterpillar, and all butterflies.
Metal: Copper.
Jewels: Sapphire, Rose Quartz, Turquoise.
Colors: Pink and turquoise blue.
Perfumes: Rose


Rules love affairs, marriage and all matters of affection. All artistic matters, and all to do with beauty and physical attraction. Ruler of the Empress Talisman, the supreme love talisman, which brings into your life your true affinity. Rules over drama, all arts and the creation of beautiful things.


Perfumes for Saturn and Cassiel

Day: Saturday

Hours: 7 PM to 8 PM 3 AM to 4 AM; 11 AM to Noon (Use only Saturday and Wednesday for Cassiel)
Flowers: Chincherinchee or Everlasting flowers, pansy
Herbs: Comfrey, Aspen, Solomon's Seal.
Trees: Yew, Blackthorn, most Evergreens. Incenses: Patchouli, Cypress.
Fruit: Pomegranate, all dried and preserved fruit. Animals: Tortoise.
Birds: Parrot, Crow
Insects: All slow movers and worms.
Metal: Lead.
Jewels: Jet or Garnet.
Colors: Black, dark brown and dark greens.
Perfume: Linden, Cornflower


All matters concerning old age, legacies, settlement of wills, or affairs of the deceased.

All matters of housing and property, or repairs etc., to your own house, property or the building in which you live. He helps aid folk too, and especially Old Age Pensioners. He brings stability into the life and helps you in all serious matters that take a long time to work out.

In health affairs you can ask his help in all matters to do with the left leg, or complaints that are the natural result of old age. These he may NOT cure, for these things are natural, but he will relieve them, among them being rheumatism, cramps and all ills caused by cold or damp. This Angel does not work quickly, but slowly, so you must have patience in waiting for his signs.

Matters of houses and property, lands and farming, all old people. Matters of poverty and long-standing ailments. Favors those who have Saturn well aspected in their horoscopes. Rules over matters of karma or trial which must be endured. Brings his favors late in life.


Perfumes for Uranus and Uriel

Day: Saturday

Hours: 6 PM to 7 PM; 2 AM to 3: AM; 10 AM to 11 AM (use only Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday for Uriel)
Flowers: All multi-colored types (Dahlias, etc). Hydrangeas.
Trees: Exotic hybrids.
Fruits: Mango, Banana, Coconut.
Animals: Chameleon, Unicorn, all Lizards.
Birds: Peacock, woodpecker
Insects: Dragonfly.
Metals: Platinum, Electro-plate or a mixture of alloys.
Jewels: Amber (which is not really a jewel but a resin), Zircon, the Iris stone or an imitation Iris stone called Aurora.
Color: Electric blue.
Perfume: Mimosa.


Magical power, magnetism, and all inspiration. Also any event that happens unexpectedly either good or bad. The Angel of Astrology. All matters connected with separation, divorce or widowhood. In many cases the Angel Uriel performs the 'eleventh hour miracle' when all hope seems gone, and a miracle is really needed.

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